The COSTLY truth about idling.

At this very moment, a vehicle in your fleet is likely idling. When 1 hour of idling is equivalent to 30 miles on the road, you could be wasting thousands of dollars each month on unexpected fuel and maintenance costs.

IdleSave reduces idling up to 70% with a small device that auto-regulates your vehicle’s temperature and battery to comfortable conditions while you idle. With our online dashboard, you can monitor every dollar you save from idling less.


product features


Automated Savings

IdleSave doesn’t just provide insights, we provide solutions. After installing our device, you can walk away and watch the savings accumulate each day. With more time and savings you can invest in what matters most.


Real-time Insights.

Monthly Reports

Our online dashboard shows you your fuel and idle savings in real-time. Monthly reports helps you identify trends with detailed stats of each vehicle using IdleSave.


Access everything you need. Regulate the things you don’t.

IdleSave auto-regulates your vehicle’s temperature and battery to comfortable conditions while you idle but doesn’t interrupt important vehicle accessories like lights, laptops, radios or chargers giving you and your fleet peace of mind when on the job.


Easy to install.

Lasts a lifetime.

Our network of installers will work around your schedule and come to you. Installation takes less than an hour and if the device breaks, we’ll always come and fix it.


Affordable Subscription. Free to start.

For a small monthly subscription, the cost of IdleSave is a fraction of the monthly savings you accumulate.


savings across every fleet.


Four reasons to upgrade your fleet to IdleSave


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